About SCDT

Strathblane Community Development Trust
What is SCDT? Strathblane Community Development Trust was established in 2009 as a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity . Its remit covers the Strathblane Community Council area.

What is it for? The overall objective is to enable community developments which are sustainable Рsocially, economically and environmentally Рand which improve facilities and the quality of life of residents. The Trust has worked with the Community Council to develop and update our Community Action Plan and to advance projects that meet the community’s priorities.

How does it operate? Led by a Board of volunteer directors, SCDT facilitates practical projects through a structure of Groups formed through the voluntary efforts of community members. It is a membership organisation – anyone resident in Strathblane Community Council area is invited to join, which does not commit you to anything unless you wish to do so.