Privacy Statement

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) policy of Strathblane Community Development Trust

At Strathblane Community Development Trust (SCDT) we hold and process personally identifiable data (PID) and this document explains our policy. This website is part of SCDT.

The legal basis on which we hold and process PID is “Contract” – i.e. we only use data to administer what is necessary as part of our obligation to you.  For example if you simply make an enquiry we are using your data to respond to that enquiry and to remember that we responded and what was said.   If you are member (or an ex-member) we store information to allow us to process your membership and to run our membership based organisation including holding auditable records.

As part of your contract with us we will contact you with information about SCDT matters.   If we create public information about SCDT activities (such as, but not limited to, minutes of meetings or publicity about activities) the names of individuals, photographs or videos may appear in those materials.

We do not store any banking data except when people ask us to set up their membership standing order manually (most set this up online themselves).  If you give us standard order set up details the data is only held long enough to create and dispatch a communication to the appropriate bank.  It is securely deleted.

We minimise the number of people who see your PID.  Once there is no need for an individual to have your PID it is securely deleted.  All your data is securely deleted once we can be reasonably sure it is no longer required for administering SCDT’s servicing of our obligations with you.

SCDT do not share your data with any other organisation except where a GDPR compliant organisation has a requirement to audit our data (for example membership numbers so that we comply with charity, funding or tax related matters).  Where we contract out IT services (for example to send emails) we only do so with organisations certified as GDPR compliant (whether or not they are inside the EEA) and with whom we have signed a written contract.

If you have questions about this policy, or your data, or have a request that SCDT perform some GDPR related process please email us (address on web site home page).  When expecting a response please bear in mind that SCDT is operated entirely by unpaid volunteers who may not be available to respond immediately.


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